Bike Racing Time Epic Israel, as I said, is a 4 day stage race. UCI standard is 4 days to be considered a stage race with the minimum of at least one 60+km marathon stage. Epic Israel decided that the format would be best done as a prologue and 3 stages. Therefore, the race was […]

Mid-season I was asked by my Norco Factory Teammate Andrew L’esperance (Lespy) if I wanted to do a stage race in the fall with him. It was a partnered race, Epic Israel, and my calendar was clear. Without hesitation I agreed. I’d never been to Israel, I like stage races, and I like UCI Points. […]

Fall 2019 The Worldly Edition – The most foreign cultures I’ve experienced yet. I haven’t blogged in ages because, well, it would’ve just seen me going through the motions. We travel so much but a lot of it is recurring venues. Some we like, some aren’t our favourites but more hold their own set of […]

2018 brought me to some super cool places. Many of which were new experiences for me and made some everlasting impressions about where to live and train in the future. I thought I would take a bit of an analytical approach and rank the coolest, most far-out and legendary places I visited this year. Here […]

2018 – A Season in Review: Even though I’m up to my eyeballs trying to complete my final year engineering design project, I still really wanted to put out something reflecting on the 2018 season. So here it is, a multi-part extravaganza. Part 1: The brief, yet long, race overview:   Feb. 25th: Banyoles, Spain […]