“Wow Peter, you’re really bad at getting posts out promptly.” Well, yes, but here’s why: I was never actually planning on posting a formal blog about my most recent training camps Eric J did a better job than I ever could documenting the shenanigans that took place in Brevard, NC. Now that I’m at school […]

Cyclo-cross, CX, cross, Cyclo Cross – whatever you call it or however you spell it, it is a fun time. Unfortunately this year in Sherbrooke, the body didn’t pull through. A tough field forced me to fight alone for most of the race but no excuses. I know the circumstances I am dealing with being […]

World Championships 2017. Cairns, Australia Well the end of the season has finally come and gone. World Championships down under in Cairns, Australia was a blast and an amazing experience. Big thanks to everyone who made this possible. Our time down under started with some R&R. We arrived earlier than usual to combat the travel […]

For World Cup #5 we stay in Canada and make our way out to Quebec to partake in the most legendary World Cup on the circuit. Legendary because it is the ‘Boss’ track – she’s a difficult one. To make matters more interesting the famous MSA rains came tearing through just in time to slicken […]

In all honesty, what just happened? Leading into this year’s National Championships I was bringing some great successes to the table already with top 10 finishes at each World Cup so far this season including a 3rd place finish at the World Cup in Germany. However, with success comes rising standards and I’m always hungry […]

Andorra & Switzerland World Cups  Well kids, believe it or not but it kind of feels like the season is flying by. A terrifying thought given that I have to move up to Elite next year but one must keep in mind there are still a couple months left of blissful U23 racing. This last […]