2018 brought me to some super cool places. Many of which were new experiences for me and made some everlasting impressions about where to live and train in the future. I thought I would take a bit of an analytical approach and rank the coolest, most far-out and legendary places I visited this year. Here […]

2018 – A Season in Review: Even though I’m up to my eyeballs trying to complete my final year engineering design project, I still really wanted to put out something reflecting on the 2018 season. So here it is, a multi-part extravaganza. Part 1: The brief, yet long, race overview:   Feb. 25th: Banyoles, Spain […]

Episode II: The Wrap Up. Maybe organizing my life in episodes would be easier, or at least easier for you all to follow along. Lets give it a try. This one is called episode II because it’s the second major trip of the year, the first being Spain and South Africa. This one bring us […]

It’s hard to believe it’s only mid-April. The 2018 season blasted off with an intensity I’m all too familiar with but a lot earlier than usual this year. Usually in over reading week in February, we are in sunny California riding road bikes or in rainy Victoria, BC riding mountain bikes. This year, however, we […]

“Wow Peter, you’re really bad at getting posts out promptly.” Well, yes, but here’s why: I was never actually planning on posting a formal blog about my most recent training camps Eric J did a better job than I ever could documenting the shenanigans that took place in Brevard, NC. Now that I’m at school […]

Cyclo-cross, CX, cross, Cyclo Cross – whatever you call it or however you spell it, it is a fun time. Unfortunately this year in Sherbrooke, the body didn’t pull through. A tough field forced me to fight alone for most of the race but no excuses. I know the circumstances I am dealing with being […]