Andorra & Switzerland World Cups  Well kids, believe it or not but it kind of feels like the season is flying by. A terrifying thought given that I have to move up to Elite next year but one must keep in mind there are still a couple months left of blissful U23 racing. This last […]

World Cup #1 (keep scrolling for #2): The World Cup in Nove Mesto Na Morave, Czech Republic is by far one of the best courses and venues of the year. The big grand stands in the forest at certain features complete with $1.50 beer refills and sausages roasting away next to the course are a […]

Sea Otter 2k17 The biggest bike festival in North America and the unofficial kick off to the season – welcome to Sea Otter Classic at the Leguna Seca Raceway! The week for myself started off with some of the University of Guelph’s finest Heat & Mass Transfer material. After a beautiful week in Aptos I […]

After a few weeks of being back in Guelph, returning to the full swing of school, I’m finally motivated to write about Vic…bro. That Canadian National Team Camp at Bear Mountain was fantastic. First off, the Westin is a 5 star so the beds are unbelievably comfortable. Secondly, the food was really good. Thirdly, special […]

After a short week at school it was time to jump in the Norco truck and head out to Sherbrooke, QC for Cyclo-Cross Nationals. Thursday was dedicated to travel and Friday morning would be pre-ride. The course in Sherbrooke was very cyclo-cross. Lots of off camber, snakey and twisty turns coupled with intense mud and […]

Food for thought: Bottled water -> 144.5 times more expensive than using your tap. I’m sure by now that most of you have heard about some of the controversy surrounding Nestle in Ontario and their role in basically capitalizing on a basic human right. You’ve likely heard about the damage that privatizing a natural resource […]