Little recap by yours truly:

Hardwood Ski & Bike is always an interesting one. I started racing with Team Hardwood back in the day, so some might say I’m a local. The course this year included every characteristic Hardwood has to offer from Coffee Run, to Bone-shaker, to the BMX track, and even included some skinny trees. This made choosing between my Revolver FS & HT very difficult – in the end I opted for the Hard Tail. I was prepped and ready to crush after a good weekend in Horseshoe Valley. The start was good until about 300m in when I had a mild mechanical. I limped around the first half lap until I got back to the tech zone. At this point the junior men, who had started 2 minutes behind us, were already flying past. I jumped back on and pressed hard. After dropping my brother (who was leading the Junior race and proved difficult to catch) it was time to move through the Elites. Everyone was super cooperative in letting me by as I battled to get back up to the front of the race, which was now 3 minutes ahead of me. Digging quite deep I managed to land in the 4th position on the last lap, finishing just behind Norco’s Evan McNeely and just ahead of local superstar Davis Ross. Super pumped for Evan Guthrie for holding it together at the front of the race and taking the win! Way to go boys!

Thanks to the gorgeous Nicola Wenn for snapping some photos and helping the team!


Team Cheer?


Trying to catch the lead group


Bone Shaker


Shaking Bones


Managed 4th on the day


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