Cyclo-cross, CX, cross, Cyclo Cross – whatever you call it or however you spell it, it is a fun time.

Unfortunately this year in Sherbrooke, the body didn’t pull through. A tough field forced me to fight alone for most of the race but no excuses. I know the circumstances I am dealing with being in school, where my fitness is right now, and the set backs I’ve had this fall… still, it would’ve been nice to at least fight with the boys up at the front for a bit.

Photo: Andy Vathis

It was great to get away for the weekend from the academic academy my high school teachers and society sold me on.

I flex my face a lot – Photo: Andy Vathis

I really enjoyed getting a few weekends of racing under my belt on these new Norco Thresholds as they are something else – speed machines.

Sherbrooke was gorgeous for Nationals this year. Note: I am ahead of McNeely at this moment. – Photo: Andy Vathis

However, the day of National Championships in Sherbrooke was bone dry which was unfortunate since it would’ve been really great to put my new Kenda Cholla tires to work – by far some of the best mud tires I have ever run. Additionally, it turned the race into a bit more of a leg race than I had hoped for. I would settle for 8th on the day.

In the end, McNeely did end up beating me. Shortly after he announced his retirement. – Photo: Andy Vathis

Luckily on Sunday for the Quebec Cup it was a total slop fest. I was running a tubeless setup, so even with the slightly higher pressures the deep tread did a great job in proper slip and slide conditions keeping me upright and at the front of the race. I managed to snag the win from Evan McNeely and Quinton in these conditions. It was unfortunate that more of the ‘hitters’ didn’t stick around for the second day of racing.

That’s a wrap! – Photo: Andy Vathis