For World Cup #5 we stay in Canada and make our way out to Quebec to partake in the most legendary World Cup on the circuit. Legendary because it is the ‘Boss’ track – she’s a difficult one. To make matters more interesting the famous MSA rains came tearing through just in time to slicken things up for race day.

Beatrice – Tom Richards – Norco

I had high hopes for this one. Really, I was ready to claim my first World Cup win. I was ready, not entitled, but prepared for a fight. So, when the gun went, I went. I followed and chased down our World Cup leader. I put in a massive effort to make moves. I was sitting in with the leader but would soon find out I couldn’t match the pace. Slipping ever-so-slightly off the pace at the front I still found myself in a podium position and in good standing. My legs, although still keeping me at the front of the race, didn’t seem to be fully on. I faked it, hoping they would come fully online as the racing progressed, but as my position deteriorated it became apparent that this might not be a good day. Legs and back got worse and worse and my head didn’t get any better. I was losing spots as fast as Trump pumps out tweets. I finally settled for 15th – my worst World Cup result so far. However, since this solo North American WC was poorly attended, this result did not alter my 4th place overall standing. Wild.

Tom Richards – Norco

Hell of Sainte Anne Switchbacks – Tom Richards – Norco

After MSA it was time for some mental rest and recovery, so we were off to Kingdom Trails, Vermont. Four glorious days on our Norco Optics with multiple jumps, berms, drops, hucks, doubles, triples, step ups and roosts. It was beautiful. Just beautiful. It was decided that the US Cup in Windham, NY might not be the best idea for me in my current state. Nationals dug me a deeper hole than I realized and MSA almost pushed me over the edge. After our time in Kingdom I caught a flight home – I will not be racing tomorrow but refocusing for Worlds in Cairns, AUS in about a months time.

Setting up to drop in – Tom Richards – Norco

A big thank you to everyone that’s got my back out there! The cheers and congratulations were incredible. Thanks to the Norco Factory Team for all the support and extended support outside of just racing. It was super cool to see so many Canadian spectators out and about enjoying MSA. It is going to be one massive race in 2019!!! (World Championships are coming back to Canadian soil). So excited!

Fans of all species